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IRJBSS Overview
IRJBSS is one of the leading scholarly open access Publishers. It was initially founded by researchers in 2015 by holding MRDSB publishers. The manuscripts passed expert peer-review and revisions and were eventually published online after our usual language and copy-editing. Authors retain the copyright of their papers, and all papers are released under the Creative Commons by Attribution license, thus allowing maximum dissemination and re-use of the research reported in our journals.

Our full-time, in-house editors take care of coordinating the expert peer-review of manuscripts, as well as the copy-editing, English editing and production of accepted articles. The peer-review procedure is overseen by numerous active academic editors of the journals, notably the Editors-in-Chief of the journals. IRJBSS is also exploring the possibility of publishing scholarly open access e-books in the humanities and social sciences.

Promotional Material

IRJBSS has number of promotional materials readily available for free. Please contact to request free copies of posters and flyers. Here are a few impressions of our promotional products:

IRJBSS Full-Text Download

If you wish to download the full-text of all articles published in IRJBSS journals in one batch, you can do so through the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Indexing & Metadata Format

IRJBSS collaborates with a number of indexing and abstracting services. There are several ways to automatically access and index content from We also have several feeds in place to deliver content and metadata directly to indexing partners. We maintain several electronic feeds to partnering indexing databases. E-feeds usually deliver content via File Transfer Protocol (FTP), or HTML forms. We can deliver full-text content as well as metadata. Usually the metadata is prepared in XML format.